‘Peeking Through The Trees’ – Leicester

What’s good everyone ? RCH back at it yet again with another blogpost !

I have always liked looking up at the sky from under a tree, especially at this time of year when the trees are only just beginning to grow their leaves back after a cruel winter. So then I thought “why not look up at the sky from under a tree but take a picture”. When taking this picture I wanted to make sure that I captured the blue skies peeking through the branches of the trees. Taking this picture give me a slight case of nostalgia because it made me think back on days where me and my friends would go to the park on a nice and sunny afternoon and sit under a tree for hours doing what teenagers do I guess.

Thanks again for reading this blog post!

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See you guys next time !


Big thank you to everyone that has been reading my posts and sending me really supportive messages, it really pushes me to continue making more of these.



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