‘SnapsWithRCH’ 2/4 – London

What’s good everyone , RCH back again with another blogpost !

This is the second of four pictures for my newest mini-series and I really like this picture. This picture is interesting to me because to me it describes everything that transport in London isn’t. If you’ve ever been on the underground in London, then you’ll know that trains are literally jam-packed with people from a variety of backgrounds. Some rushing to school, some running late for work and don’t forget the all tourists excited to go sight seeing. Whereas, in this picture there were literally three other people in the carriage with me, all of them silent, tired which, I could tell from the random yawns I would hear every couple of minutes. I’m not usually on the train at night so when I was, I felt like I had to take this snap just because of the setting and what it meant.

Thanks for reading my blogpost and I hope you’re enjoying this mini series so far !

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See you guys next time !



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