SnapsWithRCH 3/4 – Hackney featuring. The Bros

What’s good everyone, it’s RCH back yet again with another blogpost part of my mini series ‘SnapsWithRCH’. I really hope you guys have enjoyed it so far and look forward to more upcoming series like this one.

This picture was taken on Andrew’s birthday (guy in the middle) and yep you guessed it, despite how warm it looked in the picture it was still deceivingly cold. To me this picture represents just how important friendship is and how good it can make a person feel. Take for instance the people in the picture above, I’ve known these guys since I was 11 years old and we’ve all been close friends for almost a whole decade now. Through the years I can confidently say that these guys have had my back in the craziest of situations and vice versa. They have always been supportive and have been there a number of times to tell me off when I’m doing nonsense.

I’ve always said friendship can be a beautiful thing when it’s genuine and that it’s important that you surround yourself with people that push you up, not bring you down. It’s also important to appreciate your true friends so mandem, even though all of you aren’t in the picture, this one’s for you lot.

Thanks to everyone that read this blogpost and I hope you guys look forward to the second to last part of ‘SnapsWithRCH’ !

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Until next time !



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