SnapsWithRCH 4/4 – University of Leicester

What’s good everyone? RCH back yet again with the last instalment of SnapsWithRCH !

In this picture you can see the registry office on my campus at the University of Leicester. This picture was taken on the day that I submitted my dissertation which, if you’ve ever written one you’ll know how much it takes out of you. When I took this photo it was almost as if my whole three years at university flashed before my eyes. It was like a massive weight was lifted off of my shoulders and a euphoric sense of relief.

I think that the university experience as whole is an experience that will chew you up and spit you right back out, but betters you as a person in the process. I can confidently say that a person’s time at uni can help you to learn a lot about yourself and yeah you’ll have a couple slip ups along the way, hold a couple L’s but it okay because it’s all part of the journey that we call life. The 12 hour shifts in the library, the raves and those 3AM trips to McDonald’s and all the friendships made were all parts of my university experience that made it an experience that I will never forget. It makes me so ecstatic to finally be able to tick university off my bucket list.


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