Yo, Drew ! – Leicester

What’s good everyone ? RCH back again with another blogpost, hope you guys enjoyed my last mini series ‘SnapsWithRCH. There will be more coming soon so keep locked in !

This blogpost is about my flatmate Drew. I met him at university and have lived with him as my flatmate throughout my whole uni experience. From living in the same block in first year, to sharing a flat in second year and getting studios next door to each other in our final year. It’s crazy how much better your university experience can be when you’re surrounded by people that radiate good vibes and positive energies, especially through the hard times at uni.  I feel like it’s important to appreciate the people that have been there for you when times were hard and I can safely say that Drew was one of many people that have done this. Hold tight Drew *spud*.


Thanks for reading this blogpost !

I know it’s later than usual and I apologise 😦

I’ll be back with another blogpost on Sunday at 9PM so stay tuned !


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