‘ Stranded in Bedford ‘ – Bedford.

What’s good everyone ! RCH back again with another blogpost, I can only hope that you guys are enjoying reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

This picture was taken the day after my 21st birthday and I’m still drained from the craziness that happened the night before. On the train back to Leicester and, for reasons that can’t be disclosed (wink, wink), my friend and I get off of the train so that we can get the next one. The next train wasn’t coming for another 45 minutes and it literally felt like we were stranded at that train station. After processing the fact that we had to get off the train just three stops away from our destination, I saw that the sun was setting and I thought to myself “it could be worse”, got my phone out and took a picture.

I say this all the time but, no matter how bad your situation is, it could always be worse, remember that whenever you’re finding it hard to find the silver lining in the cloud and everything will be okay.

Thanks to everyone who read this blogpost !

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