Sunsets in Kettering – Kettering.

What’s good everyone ! Yes yes, I’m a day later than usual but nevertheless, your boy  RCH is back again with another blogpost !

This was a picture taken on my final train ride back from Leicester (hence the slightly blurry trees in the frame). I looked out the window and saw the peachy pink of the sky as the sun was setting. Looking at this made me think about how the sun is also setting on my time as a student in Leicester, metaphorically of course. The sun sets and despite how beautiful it looks at the time and no matter how many pictures you take of it to remember it, it eventually comes to an end like all good things.

The uni experience was literally like a crazy, exciting and hectic bubble that lasted for three years but , unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. I know there are people out there that were emotional about leaving university (including myself, ha), but its important to remember that it’s just a part of the circle of life and that you will always have the happy memories. You just have to move forward and keep running in this marathon that we call ‘life’.

Thank you to everyone that read this blogpost !

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