The Dome – King’s Cross

What’s good everyone, RCH back again with yet another blogpost ! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am and all that good stuff.

Usually I’m the person with the cool locations and stuff but this time, it was the bros that showed me this really cool location. I remember meeting up with them with no idea where we were going until Jermaine looked at me and said.. “The Dome”. Immediately, I was intrigued. Before this there, was always talks about going to this famous “Dome” but we never got around to it.

One banterful 38 bus later, we start walking towards The Dome and on the way there felt like we were in the future with all the newly built houses as far as the eye can see.  Moments away from The Dome and Jermaine turns to me and says “You’re gonna be so rattled”. I get excited as I turn the corner and my mouth dropped in awe. “Woah” I gasped. Jermaine was right, I was extremely rattled.

Moments like this are always nice to share with positive people that bring nothing but positive vibes in your life. Shouts out to the bros for showing me this sick location.


Thanks to everyone that read this blogpost !

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Until next time



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