‘ Sunday, Fun Day ‘ – Hackney

What's good everyone, it's your boy RCH back again with another blogpost ! Let me set the scene for you. This picture was taken on one of those days where it is just too hot to stay inside, sun beating down, the selfies looking 10/10 (thanks to the lighting), the ice cream van parked outside... Continue Reading →

Humble Beginnings – Leicester.

What's good everyone, RCH back at it again with yet another blogpost ! This one was taken on random night where I felt like being mischievous on the streets of Leicester. I got my hands on some spray paint and wanted to make my mark on the wall before I leave this city for good.... Continue Reading →

Midnight Drives – Leicester

What's good everyone ? RCH back again with another blogpost ! This is a picture from my camera roll taken at stupid o'clock on adventure to God knows where. ┬áMoments like this depicts what life is like being a carefree teenager is. Driving aimlessly along an empty road that goes on for miles. The sound... Continue Reading →

Yo, Drew ! – Leicester

What's good everyone ? RCH back again with another blogpost, hope you guys enjoyed my last mini series 'SnapsWithRCH. There will be more coming soon so keep locked in ! This blogpost is about my flatmate Drew. I met him at university and have lived with him as my flatmate throughout my whole uni experience.... Continue Reading →

‘SnapsWithRCH’ 2/4 – London

What's good everyone , RCH back again with another blogpost ! This is the second of four pictures for my newest mini-series and I really like this picture. This picture is interesting to me because to me it describes everything that transport in London isn't. If you've ever been on the underground in London, then... Continue Reading →

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